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Is it beneficial to have a Facebook business page?

Facebook is popular for personal use like re-connecting with old friends, posting family photos and joining personal groups.

But does it work for business?

It really depends on the company. For example, there are many business types that can benefit from having a FB page: restaurants, entertainment, travel, leisure, consumer products, charities, etc. Even many large corporations with public profiles have a Facebook presence. There are several ways companies can use FB to attract interest, encourage participation and post valuable content. Some examples are: fan clubs, contests, special coupons and discounts, rewards for “Likes”, even competitions. For these businesses, Facebook is a wonderful way to build brand awareness.

But before deciding that your business needs a FB page, ask yourself a few questions first:

Who’s Your Audience? Are your customers the type of people who are willing to engage your business on Facebook?

What’s My Budget? A FB page is free, but there’s a cost in time and effort to maintain it. You have to provide fresh, relevant content regularly and respond to peoples’ comments in a timely fashion. If you lack internal resources to manage it, you may want to hire an outside agency to maintain your presence.

What Are My Objectives? Would a FB page be a match to my business and marketing tactics?

Facebook can be an effective weapon in a company’s marketing arsenal and it’s only one of several platforms within the social media channel. Other popular platforms include: LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Determining which best suits your business needs should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

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