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Great logos are memorable and create lasting impressions.

More than a design, they are symbols that exemplify their companies’ underlying ideals and set the tone for all communications. A logo’s importance should not be overstated. Here are some standards by which you might want to see how your own company logo measures up:

Is It Original? Does it set you apart from your competitors or does it get lost in the crowd? Does it have the same tired icons everyone else uses, like arrows or globes? Many businesses make the common mistake of thinking their logos must visually represent what they do. But take note: Nike’s logo doesn’t have a shoe… McDonald’s logo doesn’t show a burger. So don’t believe your clothing store logo must have a dress. Strive for uniqueness.

Is It Versatile? Does your logo work well in black & white as well as color? Can it scale from a business card to a billboard? Can it translate well across different mediums such as web, video and print? Simplicity, flexibility and adaptability are important. Don’t make it do too much.

Is It Appropriate? Does your logo properly reflect the values and culture of your company? Does it relate to your industry? For example, the logo of a financial services firm should be conservative, confident and professional. A pet product logo may be more fun and expressive. Choices of fonts and color should not be based on personal choice alone since they have a psychological meaning that speaks directly to your audience.

Is It Timeless? Can your logo stand the test of time or is it too trendy? A well-crafted design should be relevant throughout the life of the company.

Your logo is the face of your business. Does yours pass the test?

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